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We Offer Several Methods to Defeat Dental Anxiety

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At Golden Oak Sedation Dental & Implant Center, our goal is to make every visit to our Cookeville, TN office an enjoyable one. This experience begins with our friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff, but we also understand that some people experience undue anxiety about visiting the dentist. This is why we offer a variety of anesthesia options for all the procedures we perform.

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Do You Need Sedation Dentistry?

Anesthesia Options at Golden Oak

Many of our patients have postponed their dental care due to fear of going to the dentist. This is not a good long-term solution to dental problems, since neglecting your teeth can lead to greater health consequences down the line. At Golden Oak Sedation Dental & Implant Center, we offer same-day sedation for emergency cases, and to ensure that your experience with us will always be a good one, we offer three types of anesthesia to choose from:

Intravenous (IV) sedation is ideal for more intensive procedures such as full mouth dental implants. With this form of sedation, we insert an IV line directly into one of your veins, allowing for near-immediate effects. Though you’ll remain conscious the entire time, you’ll have little to no memory of your procedure. With this form of sedation, you’ll need someone to drive you home from your appointment.

With oral sedation, we give you a prescription for a pill to reduce your anxiety, which you’ll take before your appointment. Oral sedation is a great option for people with moderate dental anxiety, plus it leaves you fully alert and able to respond to our questions and instructions during your procedure. With this option, you’ll need someone to drive you home from your appointment.
Nitrous oxide is the ideal solution for people who experience minor anxiety at the dentist’s office. Also called “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a clear, odorless gas that you’ll inhale before and during your procedure. You’ll be calm and possibly even euphoric while the work is being done, and you’ll be able to resume daily activities shortly afterward, including driving yourself home.

Get the Care You’ve Been Putting Off

Sedation dentistry may be just what you need in order to make and keep your appointment with us! Whether you need a major procedure or a simple cleaning, our sedation options make dentistry accessible for everyone. If the procedures you need are ignored long enough, the bacteria that cause gum disease can spread to other parts of the body, causing major health concerns like diabetes complications, high blood pressure, and even cardiovascular disease!

It’s our belief that nobody should experience these effects, which is why we encourage anyone with dental anxiety in Cookeville, TN to consider our sedation options. In order to make this treatment accessible to everyone who needs it, we also partner with multiple financing companies.

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